Foundation Board and Officers



President - Marge Carrithers, President Elect - Bob Morrell, Vice President - Craig (Horse) Pfeifer, Secretary - Burt Snipes, Treasurer - Jim Sowers

Board of Directors:

Directors at large- Lori Bonomo, Bob Briedenbach, and John Baumberger.  Divisions 1 - Gretchen Steininger, 2- Charles Spinello, 3- vacant 4-Grabriel Casaus, 5-Patti Stone, 6- Marco Kato

Board of Directors (continued)

Divisions 7- Craig Pfeifer, 8- Candie Drouin, 9- Ed Verburg 10 - Raveen Arora, 12 - Alan Potter, 13 - Mary Skaloyannis, 15- vacant,  16-vacant, 17- Twila Chambers,  18- Charlotte Manning

Ex-Officio Directors

Governor - Don Levine, Governor-Elect - Harry Shapiro,  Past Governor  Ed Verburg, Vice Governor - Don Townsend, and Past President Jim Sowers

Special Advisors:

Accountant - Betty Badicz, Legal - Patrick Irvine, Risk Mgr. - Michael Lowry, and Kamp manager - Krista McDonald

Terms of Office:

Directors are elected by each division for three year terms and may serve two terms. Officers are elected at the annual meeting and serve two year terms.