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Kamp Kiwanis, 20 Cousins Road, Vanderwagen, NM 87326

Today the Kamp can handle up to 200 residents per day and is available year round for weddings, family reunions, training sessions, etc.


How to Find Kamp Kiwanis

From the north, go to Gallup, NM on Interstate 40, then travel south on NM Hwy 602 for approximately 18 miles to Cousins Road. Look for the sign, “Kamp Kiwanis” on the highway. Travel west on Cousins Rd. 200 yards until you see the entrance on the north side. From Grants and Zuni, take NM Hwy 53 until you reach NM Hwy 602. Turn north about 11 miles to Cousins Road.


You too can relax in the pines!

Reservations to use the Kamp are easily available by calling the Kamp Manager, Krista McDonald at 505-778-5764..  The Kamp is just 18 miles south of Gallup, NM.


To receive a copy of the Kamp Kiwanis brochure, email Krista at kristamac7310@yahoo.com


Kamp Kiwanis Brochure and the Needs and Wants list.

Kamp Kiwanis Brochure (pdf)


Needs and Wants Lists Kamp K 11_14_18 (pdf)